About us ?

Acolisa is  a non-profit organization registered in Belgium and in Kinshasa (Republic Democratic of Congo)

It was founded in 2004 by four Congolese and two Belgians (1 Walloon, 1 Flemish) with a "heart" for Congo.

Four of the founders are living in Belgium and the rest are residing in Congo.

June 2003: On one Spaghetti evening at Savio Tennis Club, a friend asked me: 'Léonie, can't we do something for Congo?'

A day prior, that friend saw a documentary report about Congo.

Before Léonie went on vacation that year, a teacher from the school of her kids gave her an envelope and said:

'Take this; with it you could do something useful in Congo'

After the heartbreaking stories from the Congo next came the questions ?

To help the people there, fine! But how would you help them? Who needs most of the help...

A Chinese proverb says: "When you receive a fish you get food for a day. Learn how to fish and you have food for the rest of your life"

Learning, Reading, Writing, Couting, in other words: 'ko yekolisa' everyone has the right to these basic skills.

"But when one child does not go to school, the whole population will not develop" Cheikh Anta Diop.

World Conference on Training for All (Jomtien, Thailand, 1990)

Organizational Goal

Our initiative is to assist parents so they would be able to send their children to school.

The organization works to help developing countries and its people :

1.This stems from the cosmopolitan character of the organization and focuses on all populations. This is a universal calling.

2.The organization honors symbiosis of culture. In this way every world citizen can become a member of the organization, accepting the statutes of the organization.

Why does the organization focus on developing countries or victims of armed or international conflicts?

The answer is clear. These countries have enormous need for assistance.

The RDC is an example. The country was in a political instability for many years and brougt indescribable misery to its people. All sectors of life became almost paralyzed.

In this vast country (80 times the size of Belgium) not everything can be expected from the State. The eagerness to take initiative needs to be absolutely cultivated.

While the State is first the people are as especial and important. The focus to contribute to the nation is very important.

We encourage each citizen to contribute to the well being of the nation in general and between communities in particular.

The slogan is : 'when everyone cleans before his door, we will get a country where it's good to live in.'

To archive this goal, the education of the children in school is essential. Not only science and general knowledge are important but also the impact of ethnic values has to have a place in children's education. (Elias K.)

Since 2004, ACOLISA has been actively working on its goal to help parents send their children to school  through sponsorship programs.

Due to economic crisis the majority of Congolese parents are not able to provide the education that the children so rightly deserve.

Hence, the support is provided to help them acquire an education crucial in rebuilding their country in the future.