Past                                                                                                              Present

"Together with you we could give the children of Congo an indispensable, basic education."                                      

July-august 2006 : With funds raised through organized evening meals and sponsorship from Tennis club SAVIO and De Vloer, the school building was renovated and much needed sanitary facilities were installed.

September 2006 :ACOLISA provided free education to poor children. Our goal to help 15 children enroll in first grade was realized and wanted the same number for every new school year. 1, 2, 4... 6 in 2012  the elementary school will be properly completed.

Etymologically, the name ACOLISA comes from the verb 'ko yekolisa' which means in one of Congolese dialect “rearing/educating

Location :The school is situated on a hill behind the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN) :

-->  The parents of our pupils, in their own way, have become very supportive of the project. They have taken the responsibility to take care of the maintenance of the school ground (50 x 50 m) on a regular basis.

hat can you remember about our ACOLISA School?

Our pupils have the will and together with the teachers, the parents and supervisors they will use their heads and hearts:

to respect each child and his/her religious beliefs

to learn how to learn

to teach the children respect for the nature

FREE education does not mean the absence of responsibility from the parents and surely not on the educative aspect. 

Also we want to maintain a standard as with the best schools in Kinshasa.

OUR Futur plans :                                                                     

  The ground


Because of the increasing number of classes and classrooms are sustandard and an increased in rent, we have taken following decisions

ACOLISA with the sponsorship of OXFAM HAACHT has bought a parcel of ground for the construction of a new complex.

The ground is located in Cogelos 100 meters away from where the existing school currently stands.

ur school project

The study of this ambitious project went satisfactorily and  will continue in the future.

'A Brick stone for Acolisa'

With our campaign, a brick stone for Acolisa, we want to collect a thousand brick stones to build a more ideal, functional school building. Presently, in Cogelos, there are 1083 children who have no other option but to stay home.

If  you would like to "give a stone" for this project, the organization will give you a fiscal attest for a financial support of 40 euros or higher.